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Luella - 4 Junio 10:37

noir baiser, baiser blanc. relaxation prostatica. avec Arnes. Vous vous sentez une sensation unique, avec le charme de mes baisers. humide, chaque cen

Greenaway - 7 Febrero 09:30

She smiled at me, and said, "My husband will be back from the Pub soon. Их появление не вызвало особого ажиотажа.

Delaremore - 18 Octubre 23:04

LOL reminds me of my sex education class in high school. The teacher got a plastic, unopened water bottle, asked if everybody would drink from it (Yes, teacher). He took a couple of swigs out of it, asked if anyone would drink (some said yes, some said no). He then took a piece of candy, popped into the drink, swirled it around, and said, How bout now? (I was the smart ass and said, 'I don't know. I might be really thirsty that day. You don't know me').

Shazier - 26 Septiembre 13:12

nice flash

Ruka - 15 Junio 06:53

Why doesnt he
suck them

Easter - 1 Enero 04:20

2 Stacey Poole

Myra - 17 Mayo 11:08

Also when only one A is included it's usually assumed that it stands for Ally instead of Asexual, which is ridiculous because come on people why do we always forget about our ace/aro pals

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